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We have a simple but successful formula. We recognise the importance of confidence. Our tutoring provides support that meets the needs of each individual. We deliver a high standard of educational tuition that enables students to maximise their academic achievement and personal development.

Experience has shown that one to one tutorials greatly improve students' academic abilities. By supplementing the provision students receive in larger classroom settings, these tutorials help boost their confidence and enhance their chances of academic success.


We pride ourselves in the ability to recognise the specific learning needs of every individual. We aim to raise the predicted outcomes of our students. We work with national curriculum learning outcomes but make use of  learning techniques that stretch students to higher performance levels.


Adult literacy

""""""Expand in the variant glow... take the stage and sigh..."

Reading and writing English can seem challenging.  Learning in large classrooms, or doing online courses can be counter-productive to helping you develop your skills and can also prevent you from working at your own pace. Our courses are designed to meet the specific learning needs of you as an individual.  You will learn in a relaxed environment, either on a one-to-one basis or in small workshops, allowing you to experience more  personal support, refresh your skills and meet your learning needs. 


These courses will help build your confidence in unimaginable ways:


  • Writing:  blogs, emails, fiction, reports, journals/diaries, letters, application forms, essays

  • Reading:  novels, newspapers, articles, blogs, emails, reports

  • Grammar: simple and complex sentences, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary

  • Expression: speaking, listening, communicating, asking questions, giving instructions/advice 


I have used Way Wive Wordz tuition services for tutoring my sons in English, from primary to secondary school. They are thorough and provide the kind of support that builds confidence. My second son achieved a much better mark than he expected in his GCSE English exam. My sons responded well to the discipline and encouragement, because they knew someone believed in them.


Katherine Nanena

I wanted to be able to write better emails, improve my grammar and speak with more confidence. The Way Wive Wordz Reading and Writing Course was tough but enjoyable. Exercises in grammar and writing short articles helped me write better emails at work and be more aware how I was communicating with others.


Nicole Smart

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