Our services

We are dedicated to giving you the best support and opportunities for success. We'll keep working with you until you feel thrilled with  our suggestions and initiatives. Though we work hard and professionally, we enjoy what we do and try to add a little fun so you will feel relaxed about your ideas, how best to design your aspirations and achieve your goals.

Your Success

If like us you dream big, you'll know we also enjoy celebrating achievements. We encourage you to excel; gently but consistently we let you know there are no limits. By trusting yourself and with a little push from us you too will be able to fly into the reaching light... All you need do is be ready, write the wordz and the gift of success is yours.


Editing and Proofing 



Until you say it's ready, we will continue to advise and direct you, trusting that together we'll find the right way. For us, timeliness and order are key to getting it right.

We have some brilliant ideas to stimulate your own creativity. We'll share these with you until you feel satisfied that the results will be just what you want. 

Creative Writing workshops

We inspire you to "go in" deep,  and become empowered by your experiences, using these to shape your writing into compelling beams of  your unique journey with wordz.

You decide what story you want to tell. At our writing workshops we'll give you the right support to make it happen.  


We let your wordz find their Way.


“I can honestly say that your course is one of the best courses I've ever been on. I didn't know there was so much talent and passion for writing in our community. It's opened up a whole new world for me.”

Gloria, Creative Writing Student