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Here are some links and resources that will extend our commitment to helping you achieve all-rounded success. In the interest of advancing global communities and the spirit of collectiveness, please get in touch through our contact page and share relevant sources and ideas for personal, academic and creative development.

The radical lives of

Eric and Jessica Huntley


Looking for heros, in search of inspiration? Find out who these two ordinary people are and the extraordinary things they did.

Black Cultural Archives

The Black Cultural Archives is a welcoming space for everyone to learn, explore and become inspired by Black British heritage and history.

The George Padmore Institute

is an archive, educational resource and research centre housing materials relating to the black community of Caribbean, African and Asian descent in Britain and continental Europe.


The Artist's Way

Julia Cameron

Evolving Creatives

Evolving Creatives is dedicated to Arts and Education in the black community. We believe Knowledge of one's History & Culture is the route to self Empowerment.

Creativ Indie

Excellent resource for self-publishing and marketing yourself as a creative. Loads of free stuff from this genuine source.

National Association of Black Supplementary Schools


"Education is in our hands. Let's hold hands."

Black history Walks

Film screenings, walks and tours introducing black history in the UK and internationally. Join the mailing list and keep updated with the brilliant range of events and activities on offer.

Ancestral Voices

Provides information on the documentaries and pertaining to traditional African cosmologies and philosophies.

Ancestral Voices

Provides information on the documentaries and pertaining to traditional African cosmologies and philosophies.

Conjuring memory

The Haitain proverb, "Goud kase goud," means "Gourds break grouds." In other words, "Break the silence." Among this year's startling contributions to Africana Studies, this cross-disciplinary book is a photographic survey of 16 countries that connects the places and personalities of Transatlantic Slave Trade without overwhelming neophtyes. In 88-pages, using over 70 color images and photographs, the authour and principle photographer, Dòwòti Désir, takes readers on a journey to Africa, Europe and the Americas to uncover a tale of human tragedy, dissonance, and triumph related to the Maafa(Great Suffering) of the North Atlantic slave trade and contemporary human rights movements. 

AfroAtlantic Theologies Treaties Institute

It is the mission, duty, and purpose of the AfroAtlantic Theologies & Treaties Institute [ATI] to convene the heads of the AfroAtlantic theological and spiritual systems compromised of  Africa, its diaspora, indigenous and other peoples whose geopolitical experiences and cultural sensibilities are shaped by the historic epic along the perimeter of the North Atlantic Ocean. Across the Atlantic, its acronym,  ATI or Ati, is a title and term recognized as a term of leadership. It speaks to the most mighty tree in the forest that protects all forms of life seeking shelter. The Ati bears fruit for all, maintains the environmental's ecology, and sustains the shared values of community. The Ati is never cut down.  Great leaders are enthroned with the title, Ati. 

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