Our rates

Before we decide the right rate for the service you would like, we need to speak with you to discuss your needs. This is because no two works are the same, no two needs easily comparable. We guarantee that we will deliver quality only based on understanding your unique project and how we can help shape its success. Drop us an email through our contact page or call to discuss how best we can help progress your way wive wordz. We have considered our rates in line with those recommended by the Society For Editors and Proofreaders. These will be updated annually. Do visit the SFEP to get an idea of their suggested charges and what we offer.


  • Line by line:  editing the text to identify and correct inconsistencies with sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, spelling and word choice. 

£23.50 per hour


  • Structural development (Page by page): editing that looks at the manuscript over all, its organisation/structure at both chapter and paragraph level. The aim would be to determine cohesiveness, consistency and relevant use of terminology/factual, subject related information. Would need a basic overview drawing read, then the structural, rewriting for cohesiveness etc.

£32.00 per hour


  • Content editing: editing that provides advice on improving the manuscript in terms of content, style, development of the subject, appropriateness of vocabulary, reviewing voice and how the text content engages the reader. 

£23.00 per hour


  • Copy editing:  checking general grammar, spelling errors, punctuation, style of language, sentence structure, length of work, paragraphs  suitable content/language for intended audience, tables/indexing/illustrations consistencies, legal issues potentially, content and structure.

£27.00 per hour


  • Proof Reading: checking grammar, spelling, syntax, repetitions, use of punctuation, overall consistencies

£23.00 per hour (minimum of 1-hour charge or 1000 words or less.)


Note: the quality of the draft document will determine the approximate hours it will take to complete. A sample of the work must be sent to us so we can make a fair accessment of its quality and number of hours it will need to bring it to optimum standard. We will provide a quotation based on this. Need to know more? Get in touch!

Creative & Academic Writing workshops

We have made our courses and workshops affordable so that a small group of students can share and help develop each other's ideas without having anxieties that crush creativity and limit aspiration. This gives prospective students the opportunity to create their own workshop group, where we can facilitate your ideas and ensure that you stay focused and consistent.
Our creative writing workshops and courses are designed to help students explore their voice, writing styles and preferred form. We cover a range of techniques that inspire students to produce unique pieces they can develop outside the workshops, whether these are short or long pieces. Academic workshops and courses equip students with strategies for well written, well structured essays that will improve their prospects for higher grades and better overall qualifications. 
Drop us a line through our contact page, if you're interested in one of our workshops, or creating your own bespoke group.

Adult Literacy

  • One day Creative Writing workshops

£35 (incl. study packs) 



  • 6 Weeks Creative writing Course  

£210 (incl. study packs)


  • One to one tutorials - £35 per hour

  • One to one tutorials

£35 (incl. study packs)




Making memories

Wive wordz



8  - 11 years   

£30 per hour


Lower Secondary:

KS3 (years 7 to 9), 11+, 13+

£35 per hour


Higher Secondary: KS4, GCSE (years 10 & 11)

£37 per hour


AS, A2 level, HND, GNVQ

£40 per hour


Undergraduate Degree level

£45 per hour



£60 per hour


EFL, ESL, TEFL Students

£35 per hour





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