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"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."


Toni Morrison

The Power of Dreams

Online Workshop

Thursday 21st January 2021:



Dreams are at once personal and universal. When we take time to unpack their meanings we can begin to expand our consciousness and become more self-aware. Our dreams allow us access to subconscious reality where we can actively reimagine our outer world, heal ourselves, and explore an enchanting realm of possibilities.

This interactive workshop invites you to explore dreams as universal consciousness. By using your unique creative ways of interpreting dreams, we will consider how to find their hidden messages and meanings, and their importance for spiritual development.


African Women Resistance Leaders: Political and Spiritual (1)


Tuesday  2 February 2021 - Tuesday 9 March 2021

This 6-week online course will detail Black women who have fought against colonialism and racism over the last 400 years and examine their varied spiritual belief systems. Mainstream history consistently ignores the contribution of Black women in general, but many of these women used indigenous spiritual belief systems to sustain their own ideologies and inspire their followers. African civilisations and belief systems were, and are, routinely denigrated by Europeans which has led to stigma and mis-representation.

This is the first half of a 12 week course. Part two dates will be announced shortly. Part One is a general introduction and Part Two will go deeper into specifics and new but related topics.

Tuesdays from 2nd February for 6 weeks, 6.30pm-8.30pm. 

In this 6 week course, we will cover:

  • Pre-colonial African belief systems

  • Christianity as oppression and resistance

  • Sanite, Mbuya, Nanny and Nanny Greg, Yaa, Fannie, Nzingha, Coretta, The Two Amys, Queen Mary Thomas, Queen Amar, Yemaja, Oya, Dandara, Nehanda and Graca

  • 1970s women soldiers in Africa's liberaton wars

  • Black women’s resistance in English literature

  • Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mississippi, Haiti, Angola, Brazil, Cuba, Nigeria: Civil and Human Rights

  • Disparaging terms ‘Obeah’, ‘Juju’, the real history of Santeria, Candomble, and Jumbie

  • African religious beliefs and Hollywood superheroes

  • The African roots of the Zombie & movie metaphors

  • White female fragility and the co-options of feminism

We will use obscure and modern film clips, archival documents, rare books and essays, interviews, testimony from the women and their followers and small as well as large group work

Course Objectives:

  • Provide political and spiritual context for 40 Black women leaders from 1660s to 1980s

  • Explain pre-colonial belief systems and their survival in post-colonial African diaspora

  • Analyse and explore white supremacist thought in mainstream media

  • Promote the consumption of Black history and literature


Course Leaders: Dr Michelle Asantewa and Tony Warner

£75.00 for six-week course.(Part 1)

Sponsored by Eye London Glasses http://bit.ly/2hHJjwp



The Amazing James Baldwin 6 Week Course



The Amazing James Baldwin: an exciting, interactive multi-media course to mark the release of the new Baldwin dramatic film 'If Beale Street could Talk'. This course also references the Oscar-nominated documentary I Am Not Your Negro.This six-week course is an introduction to James Baldwin and a selection of his works. The course draws on a range of written and visual material to present an overview of his writings and contributions to the questions of race and identity, examining how they continue to impact us now.

We will use obscure video clips of James Baldwin (interviews, speeches, TV appearances) and some of his most widely received fiction and non-fiction writing, including Going to Meet the Man, Sonny’s Blues, Notes of a Native Son, and The Fire Next Time. Rare photos, paintings, and sketches that capture his spirit are also included.

Course Objectives

  • Introduce Baldwin’s work to a new generation.

  • Highlight and explore his lesser known works.

  • Use his analysis of 1960s-80s society to interrogate present day local and global racism

  • Promote the consumption of Black history and literature

Course Leaders: Dr Michelle Asantewa, Donna Mckoy and Tony Warner.

Six previous courses at the Black Cultural Archives, New Beacon books and Genesis cinemas sold out so don't delay booking

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