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Non Fiction

Publication date:May 2016

Paperback, B Format
125mm x 190mm, 213 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9930395-7-7

£8.00 + p&p

On Kindle £5.99

Mama Lou Tales

In this Biography, Writer and Publisher, Michelle Yaa Asantewa provides a remarkable portrait of her mother whose love of life has been a constant source of learning and inspiration. Beset with many challenges, Lucille’s life was never free of dreams. Not aspirational dreams of becoming somebody but dreams of an alternative life experienced in the enchanting realm and rhythm of spirit.

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Publication date:May 2016

Paperback, A Format
155mm x 235mm, 455 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9930395-6-0

£20.00 + p&p

On Kindle £9.99

Guyanese Komfa:

The Ritual Art of Trance


Guyanese Komfa: The Ritual Art of Trance engages the Komfa perspective with the aim of locating strategies of cultural liberation. Formerly associated with the mammy water spirits from its ancestral roots in West Africa, Komfa was forced underground by British colonials who had likewise outlawed and discredited practices connected with Obeah. Practitioners absorbed some Christian aspects and identified a pantheon of spirits associated with Guyana’s historical formation, ensuring that Komfa is not forgotten despite ongoing cultural ambivalence towards the practice.  

Using a multidisciplinary framework Michelle Asantewa explores questions of cultural identity and the ‘arts of imagination’ embedded in the Komfa practice.  The theoretical body of the work is complemented by the inclusion of a novella called Komfa, based on the foregoing themes and issues highlighted in the overall text. This book contributes to the developing interest in African derived religious and spiritual practices, foregrounding Guyana which has largely gone unnoticed.

To purchase this book from outside UK please contact us through our contacts page