In Search of Mami Wata

Narratives & Images of African Water Spirits

In Search of Mami Wata is a celebration of African Water deities. All African indigenous spiritual practices have variations of water spirits. Although European cultural imperialism identifies the West African Mami Wata as arising from the period of colonisation, this deity is primordial and universal as it is connected to the natural force of water. In other guises she is identified with Mami Osun, Olukun and Yemaya, some of the Orisa found in the Yoruba Ifa tradition. In this full colour anthology she is portrayed and celebrated in fiction and non-fiction narratives and images that will inspire and reconnect her many children across the African continent and diaspora. Edited by Michelle Yaa Asantewa with a Foreword by Dr Charles Finch.

Hardback, full colour
 plus p&p
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Publication date: November 2020
B format 160mm x 235mm

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