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Nubia Pamper Cleanse  and Renu Fasting Guide

Fasting is as natural as sleeping. This is why we generally break our fast upon rising in the morning. It is a way to rest the body from overconsumption and as with sleeping gives it time to rejuvenate. This is part of a natural rhythm of life, which is done unconsciously. Choosing to fast outside of this sleeping pattern, however, gives the body a further chance to rest from consuming more food than the body naturally requires. The Nubia Pamper Cleanse and Renu Fasting Guide provides a basic introduction to fasting. It is a step by step guide to help you on your journey to reclaim your health and vitality by choosing a period of intermittent fasting. First published in 2008, this 10 year anniversary edition also includes new and updated vegan recipes for a 7 week fasting period.

£6.99 plus p&p
Published September 2019

Red Hibiscus  tells the story of three ancient seers and their foreknowledge of China’s colonization. Chu hua, Zhaohui and Ren face gods, demons and human forces in this thrilling fantasy adventure to safeguard China’s empire. Blessed or cursed with foresight and other mystical abilities, the trio are caught up in a legendary fight for the future of their country and for their very own lives.

Scott Ting-A-Kee has a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature from the University of Guyana. He is the recipient of the Joyce Adler Prize for 'Best Graduating Student in Literature' from the University of Guyana, 2016. He has worked as a teacher and as an Assistant Examiner for CAPE Literatures in English. He is passionate about the interdisciplinary study of literature and comparisons between the literature of the East and West.  Red Hibiscus is his first book. Read this interview with Scott in the Guyana Times. 

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